Friday, May 16, 2008

This Weekend: Scouting

This weekend I will be scouting out the St. Cajetan Church in Denver where I will be shooting a wedding later this month. I will be going at the same time the wedding will take place so I can study the lighting I must cope with and check out some architectural details of this wonderful church to include in my photos.

Since this is a very young couple and this is truly my first full wedding experience, I worked out a deal with the bride to shoot this for $500. OK, before everybody starts yelling at me, hear me out:

1) The bride is giving me carte blanche to do WHATEVER I want so I can use these photos in my port (and hopefully charge more for my next wedding)
2) I will be shooting the full day, starting from the time she wakes up till later that evening for a full photojournalism type session covering the event.
3) I am calling in help from other fellow photogs to triple team the wedding. One of the recommendations I've been given is to make sure both sides of the family are captured in images. To do that, I've asked my photo friends who also need wedding shots in their port to help me shoot this, with one focusing on the bride and her family and one focusing on the groom and his family.

Then, during the ceremony, I want one photog shooting from high up, another shooting the crowd and me concentrating on the nuptials themselves. Afterward, while I'm shooting the reception, I want one photographer responsible for setting up a portrait session with lights so people and can stop in and get individual glamour shots taken.

Too ambitious? Probably, but this is my chance to find out what works and what doesn't before I use this virtual bombardment technique on a higher-end client.

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