Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get Out There: Business Postcards


There's a simple reason why Phuoc Nguyen is my new landscape guy: His business postcard that he taped to my house's screen door. I could also argue that I chose Nguyen because he was the only person out of three who responded to my frantic call for service (hey, I'm terrible at maintaining my lawn). But that's really just good follow-through. Fact is, there are tons of companies I could have contacted for lawn care service by just thumbing through the phone book. But Nguyen's postcard was immediate, and it gave me some ideas....namely, "if it worked for him, could it work for my fledgling business?"

Several aspects of Nguyen's postcard were affective:
1) it was simple and easy to read
2) his phone number and address let me know he lived in my neighborhood
3) it included a comprehensive list of services
4) it was timely, arriving right when my yard seemed to look the worst.

Sure, maybe he could have paid more to have the postcards directly mailed to me. But at the same time, taping it to my door worked for me, and I think I was less likely to toss it since I had to peel it off my screen. Looks like he simply hired someone to canvas the neighborhood with the postcards, and it seems to have worked because I know of at least two other neighbors who hired him to do some work, too.

To that end, here is what I've decided to try. I created some postcards using some easy templates with Because I ordered some new business cards from there too, I got a great discount. I have to walk my dogs anyway, so why not tape some postcards on some screen doors, too? Later on, I can pay for a mailing list of everyone who lives in and around my neighborhood. I'll use my money from the exhibit sale to pay for this advertising venture and see what happens!

I wanted my postcard to feature my ability to capture a moment and my Photoshop skills using an eye-catching (and hopefully unforgettable) graphic technique. My neighborhood is largely comprised of young families with young children, so I figured either of the above images would speak to them.

Which of the pics do you think I should choose on my postcard? Or do you like something else from my port that could work?


Jason said...

Hmm, if you could, try em both and see what happens. Or maybe print on both sides?

Keep us posted.

Sheba Wheeler said...

Hey there Jason, so far I've decided to go with the black and white with the purple showing on the front side of the postcard with my company name. The back side is white with black text. Wish me luck!

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