Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get Out There: Almost Ready to Display My Photos At Heidi's Deli

The owner of a Heidi's Brooklyn Deli in downtown Denver has given his final blessing for me to hang 8 to 10 of my images in his restaurant, since we now know that I can do so without destroying his store walls. Marty was concerned about nail holes, plaster and paint damage. So he asked if I could try using those popular 3M™ Command™ Adhesive Products which guarantee an easy, clean removal.

To test this plan, I hung up one of my 11x14 images in a glass frame with a mat and wire at home. The first time, I only used one large hook, and I didn't give the adhesive the full hour it needed to adhere firmly to the wall. So of course the picture and the mount slid down the wall and hit the carpeted floor with a sickening thud. Once I made sure nothing was broken, I tried it again, this time using two large hooks and waiting at least an hour, if not longer, for the adhesive strip to stick before hanging the picture. This time it worked, and it was very easy to slide the hook cover up, grab the tab and stretch the adhesive off the wall without removing the paint or plaster. I bought about 16 of those tabs and tested the plan again hanging up one image at Heidi's.

So far so good! The image hasn't taken a swan dive, yet. And I think the 11x14 size is large enough for a potential customer to buy the image right off the wall that same day. Marty has agreed to accept payment from customers. I would love to work out some kind of agreement where he could get some profit from a sale too, but he keeps saying he doesn't want payment. Maybe I could just have all of my friends have lunch at the Heidi's in honor of the showing so he can make some extra sales that way.


Dave Scott said...


Thanks for including the 3M products. I cannot believe the perfect timing for your post. I was just asked to display some of my work last week and I was looking for such a solution.

I'd love to see a shot of your exhibition if possible!

-- Dave

Sheba Wheeler said...

Good luck Dave. The 3M products work very well, but make sure you give them ample time to adhere to the surface BEFORE you try to hang your artwork.

Soon as I get all the pics chosen and hung, I will take tons of pics of the exhibit!

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