Monday, May 19, 2008

From My Portfolio

On Saturday I was supposed to be scouting out the church where I will be taking wedding pictures on May 31. But instead, I ended up having a photo session with the bride-to-be in my home studio!

I shot about 200 pics and they turned out fantastic! It was good to get to meet the bride and interact with her, her brides maid and best friend. Their excitement was infectious and melted away any worries I had been harbouring about my ability to shoot this wedding. The bride is fun-loving and was willing to try anything I suggested during our shoot. The women's laughter filled my home when the young bride tripped over the hem of her lovely, though constricting wedding gown, slipped off the stool she was sitting in while posing and landed on the ground! Of course I kept snapping away, catching pictures of the bride hitting the floor with her legs sprawled in the air, and her friend trying to yank her up.

Even then, the bride was up for hiking up her skirts and spinning for me. I took the above pic of her in mid spin. I used a very slow shutter speed....1/5 of a sec I believe and tried a panning technique. I like how this one was able to focus on her face and then have the dress swirling around her. I think the affect is very mystical and beautiful.

I think referrals are definitely the bread and butter of just about any business. Every shoot you complete is an opportunity to lay the ground work for additional assignments. In this instance, I started out shooting the wedding, but it's clear this young family will come to depend on me for numerous stages in their lives. The bride fell in love with the beautiful artistic nude shot I took of Teri holding a red rose, and she's thinking about surprising her new husband with similar sexy shots of her own. The brides maid pegged me to do some personal shots of her and the best friend wants me to take portraits of her and her pets! The bride also wants couple shots of her and her soon-to-be-hubby for her parents' Christmas gifts, and she asked if I could take maternity shots of her when she gets pregnant.

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