Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Breaking News: Great Rebates for Top Brand Cameras

Now's the time to upgrade your equipment. Top brand manufacturers, including Canon and Hasselblad, are offering nice rebates on bodies, kits and lenses.

From now till June 19, Canon is offering up to $300 in instant rebates . I just used my rebate to snag a coveted EOS 5D from Dell! I already had a customer credit account with Dell which was free and in the clear. Not only do I get a one-year warrantee from Canon, since Dell is a certified Canon product distributor, but I got a deal on a two-year accident plan from Dell on top of that for three years of consecutive protection. A second, backup camera is a must-have during shoots in case your equipment malfunctions. The Rebel XTi has served me well, and I will continue to use it, especially when I shoot my wedding on May 31. I also have to give a big shout out of thanks to fellow photog Tiffany Trott for getting the word out about these great rebates!

If you are really ready to take your photography to the ultimate level, then get your hands on a new high-end Hasselblad H3DII DSLR camera. Between now and June 30, 2008, you can receive up to $5000 off the price of the H3DII when trading in your old 35mm digital system.

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