Sunday, May 4, 2008

Breaking News: New Blog Monthly Assignment Contest

I've been mulling over a recent Digital Photography School post written by Australian photographer Neil Creek about creating and participating in photo projects hosted online. I think Neil is right on, and I have made many new friends and colleagues posting my own images to photo projects I frequent on Flickr, DPS, Digital Photo Academy and the Colorado 4x4 Photo of the Week. I enjoy seeing how others interpret the assignment because it helps me stretch my own creative vision and learn how to see things differently. Plus, rules that require you to shoot during a specific time period motivates people to shoot regularly and keep adding new dimensions to their portfolios.

I've noticed that I've got about 20 subscribers to my blog, so what do you guys think about having our own monthly assignment contest right here on Picture Your World Photography? I'm going to be basing my rules from the various contests I participate in, and I reserve the right to tweak things as we go until a system is in place that works. You can email me your submissions and I will post them in a new blog as they start to come in. Then at the end of the month visitors will be able to vote in a poll for their 3 top images.

MAY ASSIGNMENT: "Self Portraits"

Our first theme is "SELF PORTRAIT" shots. Here's a chance for us to get to know a little more about each other based on how you choose to capture yourself in a self-portrait. Plus, it's a relatively easy assignment just to get people started.


1) Assignment photographs should be TAKEN BETWEEN MAY 4 and 24. Only ONE photo can be submitted and each photo should follow the current Assignment's theme. The contest will be closed for voting on MAY 25.

2) Please email me submissions that are no larger than 5 MB at Include a WATERMARK and/or a LINK to your blog or gallery which will run with your submission.

3) All submissions should be emailed with the camera settings used and the EXIF info intact.

4) All photographs will be posted on a blog and open for voting.

5) Only one winner will be selected. If there is a TIE, each winner will be asked to select a topic for the following month and blog readers will then vote on which topic they would like to photograph.

OK, that's it! This is a work in progress so I appreciate any ideas you may have to make this work. I'm also taking ideas for more challenging assignments to really get the creative juices flowing. Leave comments. And I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for "SELF PORTRAITS"

Now...Get Out There and Happy Shooting!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Dang! I just took my self portrait on Friday! ;) It takes forever for me to get a photo of myself that I like.

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