Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monthly Assignment: Procrastinators ;)

Alright folks, this is your LAST WEEK to get your self-portraits submitted for the Picture Your World Photography inaugural monthly assignment. Here is my virtual kick in the butt to get those entries turned in. To motivate you (or horrify you, how ever you choose to interpret it) I posted this pic of a self-portrait I took for a Colorado 4x4 Photo of the Week entry. The theme was "music," and I had fun with the topic by showing me doing what I often do: singing in the shower! Imagine how difficult that was jumping out the shower wet every few seconds to see if the timer on my camera worked!

My boyfriend had this image as the wallpaper on his computer for months just to annoy me. Brat!

While I didn't win that week's competition, I got major props for creativity (and bravery to boot!) I truly believe these monthly assignments can give you material to include in your portfolio, but I think it's just as important to stretch your imaginations and have fun. Need a refresher course on the rules?

Now.....get out there!

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