Friday, May 2, 2008

This Weekend

This weekend I'm going to finish editing the photos I took during the wedding expo I blogged about last week. I've already taken an initial glance at the images to see what I'm up against. The shooting conditions were dark and abysmal, especially during the fashion show. So I will no doubt be doing a lot of compensation work in CS3 with noise reduction and other editing tools, since I had to pump my ISO up to at least 800 for most of those shots.

I also made several new contacts within the wedding industry, including the wedding gown designer, a catering company, a hair and makeup artist and a travel agency owner who needed some business portraits taken for her new website. One of the skills I need to get better at is networking. My gregariousness makes it easy for me to meet and connect with people. But I need to get better at the "follow-through," or sending emails and follow-up phone calls to people I've met. For example, the woman who owns the catering company told me to stop by her shop and leave a stack of my business cards for potential clients to pick up. But I still haven't done it yet! I've been very busy at my day job at The Denver Post this week. I will check to see if the company is open this weekend to drop off the cards and give the caterer free 4x6s of the shots I took of her in them in hopes she will like what she sees and might hire me or pass along my name to other clients.

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