Monday, May 26, 2008

From My Portfolio

One of my friends at Wolf Camera told me that this image is one of his favorites that I've uploaded to my Flickr account so far. This was an experiment I learned from a fellow photographer, Bruce Norman, while attending a Colorado Strobist meet and greet.

Bruce took this image of model Brandy spinning and the image was so incredible, it became an instant Flickr Fav. And I knew I would have to give it a try. Bruce captured the image like this: "Slow shutter 1/6 - 1/15 second. Single Strobe off to side to add momentary freeze with some detail."

So I tried to use the same set up, slowing my shutter speed down to as little as 1/5 while Tolisa spinned. A quick burst from my Alien Bee was able to freeze her for some detail in the center of the image, and the slow shutter softened her spin.

My buddy Larry Hendler offered this experiment to try as well when he left a comment on my image in Flickr:

1) With an open shutter start with the flash and then twirl with a low light setting. Experiment with the intensity of the flash and the intensity of the low light and the duration of the twirl to achieve the balance. Starting with the flash gives you the pose exactly how you want it to end up.

2) Same thing as above, except you start with the twirl, and end with the flash.

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