Friday, May 30, 2008

This Weekend: Shooting My First Wedding!

Well, tomorrow is the day that I nail my first wedding assignment! I say it this way because I really believe that thinking positively will affect my outcome....besides it's really all in how I measure what I think "nailing" or "succeeding" at something is. For me, succeeding tomorrow at the Villanueva/Simpkins Wedding will include several realistic goals that I know I can achieve based on past experiences: having at least 50 to 100 sellable prints (which is totally doable for me); keep fresh batteries in my flash/camera; hand out out business cards to at least half of the 175 guests attending the wedding, have fun and try to relax. There, that's not bad, right? I should be able to pull that off! From that point on, everything else will just be gravy!

I have spent the last week having nightmares, sweating and worrying about this assignment. But I woke up this morning finally having reached a calm stillness in my soul that says, "I am talented, and I have worked hard for this. I am supported and loved. I can do this!" I don't have enough time for fear anymore. Now I need to do what I do best: GET OUT THERE and GET THE JOB DONE!

Here's the plan, Stan:
1) I will be shooting with my Canon 5D and a Canon 30D rented from Camren Photographic Services. Each camera will have a lense (the 16-35 on the 5D and the 70-200 on the 30D). Find out why in a subsequent post when I share what I learned from Daniel Doke in the PhotoVision DVD session, "Weddings. Part 2".

I will be responsible for all must-have images, including formal wedding party portraits, bride/groom shots, cutting of the cake, the first dance, etc. etc. While I will have two assistants on this shoot, I've been told to try and shoot the entire event as if I were the only photographer there. "You are the lead photographer; shoot as if everything was depending on you," said one of my instructors, Efrain Cruz. I will shoot the bride while she is getting ready at home, then follow the family to the wedding. Formal portraits will be after the wedding, and then it's off to reception!

2) My buddy and 2nd shooter Jason Peckovitch, owner of the Illusive Dreams photography company, will start off shooting the groom while he is getting gussied up at home, then follow to the wedding. Jason, who specializes in portraits, will be responsible for snapping candids and those terrible "Grip and Grin" shots you already know I hate. Truth is, those images sell. Jason will also set up lights for a mini-portrait locale ala "Prom Night" while at the reception so he can score some more print sales. It has been agree that my shooters will get to keep all the money they make from their print sales so they will have more incentive to get great shots.

3) My third shooter is Mike Haley, my boyfriend. I'm so happy to have him with me on this assignment! His skills as a wonderful landscape photographer will help him capture storytelling, all-encompassing background images with my wide angle lens. He will also shoot some detailed oriented shots as well of decorations, flowers, keepsakes, etc. etc....all those little things that add life to any circumstance.

My goal is to cover this event the same way I would if I were sent out to cover an event for the newspaper, trying to get every angle and every side of the story possible. Got anymore words of encouragement? I would love to hear from you!


dave scott said...

Congrats! You made it! Actually congrats to the 3 of you!

Will you be shooting any more weddings? I shot two SMALL ones long ago. Kudos to all wedding photographers. :)

-- Dave

Sheba Wheeler said...

Gosh Dave...I'm really not sure if I will ever want to shoot another wedding again. If someone were willing to pay at least $1,500 without balking, then maybe the pill would be easier to swallow. It's just SO much work! I photogs are truly a different breed!

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