Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Coverage: Celebrity Appearances in Denver

Trying to capture this image of Spike Lee was difficult because I am so dang short! So I had to hoist my camera above the fray and pray I got the right angle. A little straightening in Photoshop CS3 and this image was totally successful. Maybe next time I'm at a "red carpet event" I will do what the photographer on the left did: stand on a step ladder during the interview!

What I found interesting about this experience (other than fighting being star struck while I was covering the event for The Denver Post!) was Lee's refusal to deal with the media onslaught. He was angry that he got mobbed in front of Mezcal. Once he was rushed inside, he refused to come back out again. But other stars appearing at the same event willing gave numerous interviews and plenty of time in front of the camera.

To see other celebrity photos, visit my Flickr page or check out celebrity galleries at denverpost.com.

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