Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Get Out There: I Need a Second Shooter for a Wedding Reception

I am shooting a wedding reception for a friend, and I'm wondering if I could get a second shooter looking to work for free and have images to put in his/her port. My client is giving the photos to the bride and groom as a gift. The couple had a simple ceremony before a judge and decided to splurge on their reception.

One way for you to make money is this: I would like the second photographer to set up a "photo booth" which actually is just an area with a background/backdrop to take portraits. That way, if anyone wants portraits, you can take the profit from those sales. I will be shooting the actual reception. You up for this? Email me at shebawheeler@picture-yourworld.com

The reception is Sept. 13 in Denver! It's your chance to "Get Out There!" Let me know ASAP

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