Saturday, August 23, 2008

Get the Job Done: Presenting Senior Portraits

I will be meeting with Jordan in about 30 minutes to present the images from her senior portrait shoot. I'm extremely pleased with how this session turned out! During post processing, Jordan's mother requested that I edit out Jordan's piercings near her right eye. I followed those instructions, but I left this one image with the piercings just for Jordan because I believe they are a part of who she is right now in the course of her life. And what more is photography but a moment captured in the life of a subject? Congratulations Jordan!

Throughout the week, I've been posting up my favorite pics to my Flickr page where Jordan has been able to take a peak at my editing process. I did this to create a sense of excitement and adventure for this young woman, almost like unveiling a Christmas gift before the actual holiday. She was able to share the images with her friends and helped me land two more senior portrait sessions.

I didn't post up everything because I wanted Jordan to be surprised by some of the images. Today she will be picking out which photo she actually turns in to her high school yearbook department, as well as orders for additional images and the ones she wants to have printed as part of her session package. She gets to choose from two 8X10s or four 5X7. Because she gave me two referrals, Jordan gets to order extra prints for free or take $50 off her portrait session cost. She has also purchased a CD of all of 50 edited images re sized to only print 4X6s.

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