Friday, August 8, 2008

Get the Job Done: New Wedding Packages Announced

It took me several days and lots of advice from my colleagues before I came up with a list of new wedding packages that I believe compensates me for the time and work that goes into comprehensive wedding coverage. I have included some contemporary add-ons that are in demand today, including DVD slideshows, custom coffee table photo memory photo books, and custom canvas paintings.

I started out with five different packages from $800 and up so my prices could fit into any budget. But I was quickly told by my colleagues that I had too many choices with very little difference in value. I changed it to three packages, offering high end, mid-range and standard service options that differ based on the amount of coverage time and add-ons included in the package.

Plus, my theory of likely having more clients who could pay at the $800 range (and fewer at the $5,000 range) was quickly shot down too. More quantities only meant more work for me at less pay, one colleague explained. Another colleague suggested it would be professionally more beneficial for me to work towards appealing to a higher end client in this Digital Grin Photography discussion forum thread. I would encourage you to read through this thread because I think it's filled with great advice from more seasoned wedding photographers.

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