Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's a Rainbow in the Sky All the Time

This post originally appeared in my bi-weekly entries to One Day One Picture.

Always be aware of your surroundings. A momentary drizzle forced my senior portrait shoot with Jordan inside to wait out the rain. But I would have missed this incredible opportunity to photography Jordan with the rainbow in the background if her little sister, Donovan, hadn't grabbed my arm and dragged me to the window.

"Look! A rainbow!" I wasn't sure if I would be able to capture this natural phenomenon before it disappeared. So I rushed Jordan to a balcony and started shooting.

To get this shot, I had to meter for the sky and rainbow, which left Jordan underexposed. To compensate, I used a bit of fill flash to lit up her face and body, but she was still more shadowed than I wanted. So in CS3, I used a quick mask to select Jordan's face and a Curve to adjust the lighting in just that area. I think it works because I still want Jordan to be the main focus of the image, but the rainbow in the background gives the image depth.

This picture has become very popular and Jordan's referrals have helped me secure senior portrait sessions with two extra seniors. With a deadline of Sept. 19 to get their photos into their school, I've really got to get a move on it!

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Jason said...


You could always take the photo into photoshop and add a layer and mask to just her and bump up the exposure and add some tonal adjustments.

I know this is real simple in lightroom, now that Ive upgraded to version 2.0 which has an adjustment brush where I can "paint" a ton of things on certain areas.

Ill have to show you that sometime. And you can show me what you did for the photo. Either way, I like the image.

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