Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From My Portfolio

This little boy must have been the only child at the Denver Food and Wine Classic I covered a few weeks ago at the Auraria Campus. I had so much fun shooting him as he crawled closer and closer to my camera. I was shocked by how un-camera shy this youngster was...until I realized what had captured his attention: my Gary Fong Diffuser!

Even though I wasn't shooting portraits at the outdoor event, I still use my diffuser to soften my fill flash light (plus tons of people seem intrigued by it and are more likely to think I'm a professional!). The large white diffuser captured this little boy's attention as well and made it possible for me to get these great shots of his creamy complexion. He couldn't take his eyes off the diffuser. Hey...whatever works to help you get the memorable shot, I say!


Craig Lee said...

He is a cutie. Good job getting those shots of him.

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thank you Craig. He really was a doll and isn't his complexion just to die for? be young again. :)

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