Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Of course professional photographers would NEVER do this; it's completely unprofessional and enough to get you blacklisted, not to mention beat up by a parent! But boy, don't you wish you could do it in some circumstances?

Enjoy today's installment of Aaron Johnson's photocentric comic strip "What the Duck." The popular comic is celebrating it's 2nd year anniversary. Congratulations Aaron! And thank you for encouraging me and others to seek comfort in our sense of humor when the ebbs and flows of the photography business threatens to overwhelm us. The comic is available now for syndication as "W.T. Duck," appearing in a local newspaper near you!


Vic said...

I love your work, amazing job!

Sheba Wheeler said...

Hey thanks for stopping by Vic! I don't know if you are saying that you like my work or if you like Aaron's comic, but either way, thanks for the kudos!

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