Thursday, October 2, 2008

Get Connected: DPS Mile High Social Photography Group Holds Its First "Shoot-n-Greet"

Yep, that's yours truly at the Garden of the Gods

Not too long ago, the Digital Photography School online forum started allowing its members to create social networking groups. Of course, the inner social butterfly in me couldn't resist trying to see if I could throw together one for Colorado DPS members.

The Mile High DPS Group may not have the most members (currently there are nine of us), but we are definitely one of the most talkative groups. We've got more than 100 messages under our belts since the group was established in June, with members supporting each other both personally and professionally in our shared love of photography.

This Saturday, Oct. 4, the social group will host its first "shoot-n-greet." We will be meeting at the Garden of the God's Visitor Center at 3 p.m. If you are in the area, feel free to join us! And consider joining DPS and the social group as well to help us plan more group outings. Colorado is an amazing place to be a photographer. There's no need to capture it alone if you wouldn't mind a little company from like-minded people!


Susan said...

I saw this too late in the day - but I will look at the DPS group! I get the emails from the main site all the time, and didn't realize there was a Denver group!

Sheba Wheeler said...

Very cool Susan! Join the group and I'm sure we will hold more gatherings in the future!

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