Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get Out There: Join Flickr Groups to Improve Your Photography Skills

Caught You Laughing

I happened upon this great Flickr group over the weekend that I wanted to share: "high school senior portraits-living on the creative edge." I joined this group, added several photos to the group pool and have left tons of comments on photos that have simply amazed me because of their quality and creativity. The photos are inspiring and really have great examples of some outstanding, non-traditional senior portraits. It's the kind of direction I want to go with my own senior portrait photography, and I think you can learn from seeing how the best do it better.

Flickr is fast becoming a key resource for advertisers to seek out (or troll, however you see it) new talent. But at it's heart of hearts, Flickr is still about connecting with other photographers, sharing your work with as many people as you can, earning accolades and constructive criticism, and getting ideas to make your own photography stand out. Take advantage of this resource by uploading your own photos and joining groups.

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