Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get the Job Done: Denver Zombie Crawl a Scream!

Those Eyes!, originally uploaded by Sheba Wheeler.

I had a great time last night shooting the 2008 Denver Zombie Crawl. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard that I had a hard time remembering to push the shutter! Of course yours truly just HAD to get some makeup done, and I'll be sure to post up some of those pics of my face covered in "blood" later. I enjoyed watching others get their makeup completed, as well as hearing the screams of "victims" getting infected by the living dead.

Screaming Victim

I loved the crowd reactions which ranged from freaked out and disgusted to thrilled and amazed.


It was some great tongue-in-cheek fun, with only a few instances of irritation from the Ann Taylor store on the 16th Street Mall. Store clerks were less than pleased when a pair of bloody hand prints were pasted on the storefront's front door.

Bloody Downtown Storefront

It was also a great opportunity to finally meet members from the Digital Photography School social group I created called "The Mile High DPS Group." The turnout was great and group members met up later that night for a quick bite at Dixon's and to share shots. I enjoy being around talented, like-minded photographers, and I can't wait for our next outting. I suggested we shoot Seven Falls in Colorado Springs since several group members drove down from the Springs to attend that Zombie Crawl.

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gcmandrake said...

These are great pictures. It looked like a great time.

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