Friday, October 31, 2008

Get Caught Doing It!

Here is a picture of me my buddy Paul, of AM/PM Photography, took of me the night of the Denver Zombie Crawl 2008. I desperately wanted to participate in the event as well as take pictures of it. I debated whether I should dress up as a zombie or put a duct-tape "X" on my chest so I could be "attacked" and "turned." But worry about having something bad happen to my camera ate away at my insides (pun intended). So instead, I asked someone along the parade route if they could make me look like a zombie. A woman whipped out some red lipstick and went to work on me. I think I look great. What do you think? I am sticking my tongue out because I am a new zombie, and I have yet to acquire the taste for brains. Brains nasty! ;)

Happy Halloween Shutterbugs!

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