Friday, October 10, 2008

This Weekend: Preparing for my First Engagement Photo Session

Last night I booked my first engagement photo session! My contact who helped me secure shooting the National Brotherhood of Skiers summit conference in January referred me to Kim, my new client, who is getting married next year out-of-state. Kim and her fiancee Michael want to have an engagement pictures as well coverage of their engagement party next month here in Denver, and they have asked me to shoot both events.

I'm not worried about the party, as I've had plenty of experience shooting these type of gatherings. I have asked Kim to give me a shot list and assign someone to point out important people to make sure I get photos of all the family members who will be traveling to the party, but probably won't make it to the actual wedding.

But I need to spend this weekend researching how to take engagement photos. In my initial consultation, Kim told me that she and Mike met while skiing in a Slippers-n-Sliders club event. So I definitely loved her idea of trying to recreate the first time they met by dressing them up in ski gear and hoisting their skis. I wish there was some snow on the ground! I also like the idea of shooting them where Mike proposed. And I definitely want to capture the romance and fun of their relationship.

Know any examples of engagement shots you love? Please send them my way so I can check them out. I've also visited several Flickr E-session groups to get some ideas on posing. And I will be hitting my photography books to see what I can find about lighting this situation as well, since we will be holding the session outside.


Mark said...

Check out Julie Harris's blog. She does some wonderful local e-sessions.

Sheba Wheeler said...

Nice tip Mark, as usual! Julie's photos are amazing and a wonderful source of inspiration. I love her style, and it makes me want to work even harder on developing my own.

It's very interesting that she doesn't use strobe or other artificial light. I know there are several tenants of thought regarding that. I've heard of people who refuse to use strobes, preferring constant lights. I may have to research this topic some more and think about doing a separate blog item.

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