Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Aside: Backups and Heeding a Friend's Warning

A cry for help in a Digital Photography School forum spurred me to do something I should have done a long time ago: back up all of my photography files and images. Southernbelle, a new online friend and fellow fotog, lost her photos when her hard drive crashed. Thankfully though, she had been uploading all of her images to a Kodak gallery for the last four years. She was able to buy an archival CD from Kodak containing all of her 6,000 original images.

It is a lesson we should all learn from.

Several months ago, I purchased a professional membership to Flickr, which allows me to backup and store my images online. Even though I had this extra security, I had been remiss in uploading my photos. Today, I decided to take action. Before I leave the city and head to Rifle to take pictures of the lovely triple beauty of the Rifle Falls, I WILL backup everything on my Flickr site. I also want to check out the Kodak gallery as well. When it comes to backing up, I think redundancy and paranoia is a good thing. I also have two external hard drives with all the images backed up as well.

Thank you Southernbelle for sharing your experiences. I plan to take heed to my friend's warning!

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Rob said...

Been there done that. I use flicker pro, but I dont upload all of my photos there. I aslo use a program to copy all om my photos to another computer on my network....and I still worry about it!!!
Keep up the good work!!!

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