Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get the Goods: Calumet Summer Seminars Announced

Got this news in an email today: Calumet is hosting over 100 seminars, workshops and demo days in various cities to boost your photography skills. Unfortunately, none of these are being held in Colorado - which doesn't help me much - but check out the schedule to see if anything is happening closer to your neck of the woods. Learn the best methods for working with models, dive into underwater photography or discover tricks the pros use. Live sessions with manufacturers, seminars with some of the world's top photographers and educators, and massive in-store sale events are available at a Calumet location near you. Register online to reserve a spot at any seminar and receive reminders, send feedback and invite friends.

Topics to be covered include:

Digital fundamentals
Printer demonstrations
Portrait photography
Improving workflow
Color management
Photoshop tools
Digital printmaking

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