Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get the Goods: Free Subscription to Great Photo Mag!

My friend and photo colleague Tiffany Trott spread the news this morning about Rangefinder Magazine handing out free subsciptions, and I'm very glad she did.

One of my instructors, Jim Turley, recommended this wonderful magazine in his Passions and Profits workshop several weeks ago. He says it is one of the best resources out there for photographers. But I forgot about it until Tiffany mentioned it again

Rangefinder is the premier monthly magazine for the professional photographer. Each month Rangefinder typically includes:

— product and new equipment reviews
— lighting and technical pieces
— how-to’s
— promotion and marketing stories
— portraiture tips
— accessories and system round-ups
— computer technology
— black-and-white shooting
— lens reviews
— processing techniques

Use the link above to sign up for your free subscription. I can't wait to get my first issue.

And be sure to check out Rangefinder's sister publication, "After Capture" as well. It specializes in post-production tips and is free too!

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