Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get the Job Done: New Freelance Position At College is a Done Deal!

I received my purchase order yesterday from the Auraria Higher Education Center confirming that I am now on retainer as a freelance digital photographer for the Student Auxiliary Services Marketing Department!

The contract is effective now until June 2009, and my new boss said she could have my first assignment ready for this weekend. I had to turn in a W-9 and other documentation for proving my sole proprietorship and resident status at with the State of Colorado. I also had to show some letterhead for my company, which I really didn't have at the time. So I reworked the banner I have at the top of my blog in Photoshop to create my letterhead until I can hire someone to design a logo for my business.

I blogged earlier about the fact that I shot the 50th year anniversary rededication ceremony for the parents of client Cheryl Carter last year. A few months ago, Cheryl referred my services to the bride and groom whom I photographed in May. The wedding was held at the St. Cajetan's church (featured above) on the Auraria campus. I didn't realize that Cheryl was the marketing manager for the university as well as the wedding planner.

But after I turned in my photos to the bride and groom, Cheryl called and asked if I could work for Auraria shooting other events held on campus. Cheryl said that there are weddings happening on campus just about every weekend, not to mention all the other events and gatherings held at the popular Tivoli Student Union that need to be photographed. Cheryl wants to beef up Auraria's marketing campaign, and she has already asked for night time shots showcasing the Denver cityscape.

Value every connection you make in your own entreprenuerial journey. Good deeds as well as a job well done speaks volumes about what potential clients can expect to receive from you. And you never know when one contact will lead to another, so make ALL of them count.


Viqi French said...

Wow, Sheeba. Excellent captures! Found you on BC in the Flickr group. ;-)

Feel free to grab my free photo sales ebook --

Keep snapping!

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks for stopping buy Viqi. I just took a look at your ebook and it's great. I will blog about it it's usefulness! Take care!

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