Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Is Getty Trolling Flickr For New Talent?

Armando Martinez, my new friend and Photoshop instructor-extraordinaire, tipped me off last night during one of his classes about an exciting new partnership between Getty and Flickr.

According to this Seattle PI article and this blog posted on the Getty Images blog, Getty editors "will be exploring Flickr's collection of public photos and inviting some of these photographers to be part of the Flickr collection on Getty Images."

What does that mean for you and me? Getty Images customers will have access to our photos and give us a chance to license our images commercially with an internationally recognized digital media organization. Check out the Flickr collection on in coming months to see what the editors have selected. That also means those tags and keyword searches are going to be more important than ever in helping get your photos to the editors. Plus, Getty will pay many of us amateur and semi-pro fotogs the same way they pay professionals, with percentages pased on use and restrictions. Getty will likely be looking for "scenic and creative shots".

Armando seems to think Getty Images and Flickr might try to use the dollar stock model to sell the images cheap. Read PhotoShelter's response to this move by their top competitor and why they think Getty is killing the stock industry.

I will definitely keep an ear out for more information about this. Look for more great ideas and information from Armando later this week, since his Photoshop 2 class was so incredible that it blew my mind and opened the door to so many new possibilities for achieving better photos.

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Mark Hayes Photography said...

There's been a lot of talk about this over at iStock as well.

Personally it makes sense for one of the big companies to do it. There's some amazing untapped talent out there. By making their own choices they also get to avoid the onslaught of people trying to sign up for it.

As for cost I'd expect go along the same lines as the photodisc collection, $49 for web sized RF and up from there. Contributor getting about 20%. Yeah it's a lousy cut - but 20% of something beats 100% of nothing any on my budget any day.

As for photodisc - it's cute they're taking credit for it and acting like it's the first time a new company has rattled the big boys *cough*cough*iStock*cough*cough.

But I respect the heck out of what PhotoShelter is trying to do and wish them the best.

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