Friday, July 25, 2008

This Weekend: Photographing the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Photo Credit CDBF

On Sunday, I will be a volunteer photographer covering Colorado's Dragon Boat Festival. This will be the first time I attend the 8th annual event, and I can't wait to photograph all the vibrant colors and movement inherent in this cultural fest. A festival coordinator asked the Denver Darkroom for photo volunteers to commit to a four hour time slot. I have been assigned to take pictures of the marketplace/food venders and sponsors from noon until 2 p.m., but I will definitely stay longer, especially since I need to check in at 9.

This is definitely an example about one of the many things I love about the Denver Darkroom. It's not only a place to take photography classes, but it also provides wonderful opportunities for its students to practice their new skills.

Illustration by Patrick Spikes

Plus, it's a great opportunity for me to hand out business cards and try to sell some of the images I've captured. I will create a specific online viewing gallery for this event and sell 4x6s for $5 and 8X10s for $10. Granted, some would argue that getting assigned to the boat races might be more fun and entertaining. But I think working alongside the vendors has a better chance for future business partnerships because those vendors will likely want to purchase images for their portfolios, or they might need my services for future events.

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