Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Breaking News: Blog Leads to a Photo Sale!

My blog helped me sell one of my photos to a wildlife organization today!

I got an email Monday from the photo coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation requesting usage of one of the waterfall shots I took during my birthday photo road trip. The organization wants to use it as a FULL PAGE feature photo in its magazine, BUGLE!

Negotiating the price was simple and easy. The photo coordinator, Randi Mysse, was so helpful, and she restored my faith that there are people who not only will recognize your talents but be willing to pay for it too! When I asked how she found my photo, she said. "The power of the internet--we "Googled" Rifle Falls photos and eventually found you!" The Bugle issue will start printing Aug. 7.

I have had news articles (and now photos) printed in the Denver Post for the past 14 years. But knowing that one of my pictures will be appearing in a magazine makes me feel like an intern seeing her first byline in the paper again.

So what's the lesson here?
1) Realize that your blog is a strong marketing tool. Utilize it to it's fullest, recognizing that the blog is a representation of you and how potential clients view you. Make it easy for them to access you by taking the time to create userfriendly keywords and tags.

Thank you so much RMEF for this opportunity, and I hope this leads to more great partnerships in the future. Think you've got some great photos this organization could use? Check out its "photo wish lists". The organization also produces an annual calendar with breathtaking landscapes and photography of elks.


photokay said...

WOW!! Congrats....Thanks for sharing your story about photo blogs. My son, "Reflectingbythehill" enjoys your site and sent me your link. I also photo blog and who knows...

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thank you PhotoKay! Tell your son I said hello! And I will check out your site too.

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