Wednesday, July 2, 2008

POTW: Shadows

It's been a long while since I had the time to shoot and submit a "Photo of the Week" assignment for the Colorado 4X4 Shutterbug Forum. But a great shot presented itself during my night photography outting on Saturday.

I took this shot at the Denver Skate Park in LoDo. Capturing the boarders and bikers in mid air while their shadows played along the pavement was exciting. But this was my favorite of the bunch. I like the symmetry of the curves in the image, the good use of Rule of Thirds with the main subject in the upper left hand side of the frame and the usage of highlights and shadows. A commenter on Flickr said it looked almost organic, as if the boarder was in the I changed my initial title of "Solitary Rush" to "In the Womb."


Gretchen said...

Great shot!

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Gretchen. I think it's a great shot too. It didn't win Photo of the Week, but it will definitely stand out in my memory for my first night photography outting in Denver.

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