Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Aside: No More Blog Monthly Photo Assignment?

September was the first month that I didn't receive any entries for my blog's photo assignment. I'm not sure if that means that the topic I picked crashed and burned or if people have lost interest.

For myself, I know I would have had trouble finding the time to get an entry in given how many paid assignments I've been juggling this month. It's possible that time was the enemy for my other normal entrants. However, if my readers don't think the monthly assignment is beneficial, please just let me know. I won't assign another topic unless I get comments from others saying they want the monthly topics to continue.

Remember, there are tons of other assignments to participate in other photography sites throughout the web, whether you are looking for a weekly or bi-monthly contest. The benefit of participating is to keep us shooting and challenging our interpretation of topics. Take advantage of any chance you have of "Getting Out There" with your camera. Let me know if you are interested in revamping my blog's photo assignment and/or what changes you would like to see to make it better.


gcmandrake said...

I was bummed that I couldn't get a shot of anything I liked or many pictures at all for that matter this month. (My favorite subject for portraits wasn't in the mood.) It's definitely a hassle when work gets in the way. Do try again.

Sheba Wheeler said...

How would you like to come up with a topic for Oct GC?

gcmandrake said...

I would be honored to do so. I've got two ideas that I've been tossing around for potential long term projects. The first is "High Noon." That is pictures that are taken when the sun is highest in the day. This has some very interesting challenges. The other topic is "Wild Water," although the title may need some work. Since Colorado is the focus of some amazing water laws and issues I thought that pictures of untamed water, water released, or the perhaps the opposite, water contained would be interesting. What do you think?

Sheba Wheeler said...

Both of those sound very interesting. Perhaps the High Noon assignment would be something everyone could do no matter what part of the country they live in (in case they don't have access to a lot of water without having to travel for a ways). Just pick your favorite and I can announce it on Monday!

gcmandrake said...

Let's go for High Noon, that is, pictures taken at midday. Not to be mistaken with the excellent 1952 movie starring Gary Cooper. :) If I get my act together perhaps I can write something about the subject. My photography teacher, Joe Szabo, many years ago was very big on this style.

Sheba Wheeler said...

HIGH NOON it is. I will blog about it this weekend and give some tips on shooting at that time of the day. Thank you for doing this GC and here's hoping we get more entries this coming month!

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