Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get the Job Done: Image Selected For Gallery Showings Throughout the US

One of my images will be on display during Digital Photography Academy gallery showings held throughout the United States beginning in February 2009. The DPA will be sharing the scheduled dates and locations for the gallery showings soon. A different topic and winner was chosen over the year and the 12 assignment winners will be in the traveling exhibition across the 20 DPA workshop cities: the Griffin Museum of Photography, Park Shelton, Ray Street Studios, Dallas Contemporary, Carousel Studios, Working With Artists, the Windermere Gallery, Rabbit Hole Studio, the Farmani Gallery, Tilt Gallery, Think Big Studios, YO!darkroom and Dana Bowen's studio. Check out the other winning entries here.

Thank God for Progress! I like this image of a child running through water fountains at a local area shopping center, but it's definitely an example of how far I've come in my photography since this image was taken last year. This photo was one of the first images I ever shot with my then new Canon Rebel XTi for an assignment during my first digital photography class at the Denver Darkroom with Efrain Cruz, who now owns his own school, Illuminate Workshops.

One of the problems I can see right off the bat is the distracting background and my futile newbie Photoshop attempts to put the focus back on the little girl. Back then, I was still shooting with jpegs and didn't know a thing about RAW. Consequently, the image was tiny, and I didn't have a decent high resolution image to give DPA. I also didn't have a solid workflow in place, so I couldn't go back into the photo to make editing changes based on new things I've learned in the past year. In spite of all that, it's clear that my ability to capture candid portraits was something I had early on and have continued to develop over the year. It's a great self-esteem booster to see my own growth and education.

Despite my own reservations about this image, here is what judge Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director, The Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, said about my winning image:

"This image Gotcha is my choice for best photograph in this round of DPA Assignment photographs. I love the spontaneity of the photo as well as the narrative of the piece. Immediately I begin to find meaning from the image. I also chose this image because it is technically produced and designed well. We are looking forward to exhibiting winners of the Digital Photo Academy Assignments at our museum.”

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