Sunday, September 21, 2008

Get the Job Done: Crystal and Jaime's Wedding Reception

Crystal and Jaime

In a few hours, I will be done editing photos from my last assignment: Crystal and Jaime's wedding reception. I think the event was a great success. My second shooter, Jason Peckovitch, was able to set up an impromptu portrait session and take photos while I walked around the reception itself shooting candids and highlights of the night. I will blog about that later, but take a look at his images here.

Jaime, Crystal and Dolores

This assignment was also special for me because it was the first one I got based on a referral from another photographer. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the Denver photographic community truly is. I have met so many talented people who are more than willing to share their time and their skills. My very first assignment was referred to me from my instructor Efrain Cruz. Now, my buddy Doug Shatto took it a step further by giving my name to a colleague who needed shots taken. Doug lives and works primarily in Colorado Springs, and he wasn't able to shoot the wedding reception, so he referred the client to me. Thank you so much Doug for sending Dolores Olsen to me. I owe you big time buddy!

Having this happen helped me come to terms with an idea I had been mulling over. In a recent issue of the "Professional Photographer Magazine," celebrated children's photographer Trista Blouin said one of the first things she wished she had known when she started her business was the fact that she couldn't take on all aspects of her business single-handedly. "Determine your weaknesses and outsource to the best talent within your budget." Unfortunately, I felt the same way (as many photographers often do) and end up doing everything themselves for fear of losing control -- but only end up wasting time and money. I had been thinking about possibly outsourcing specific photo requests that I no longer am interested in, or can just admit that I'm not good at it. I have lost my initial interest in covering fashion shows namely because of their predictability and terrible lighting situations. Plus, covering sports is not my strong suit either. I've decided that when I'm asked to do those kind of shoots, I will refer out to photographers I know enjoy those kind of jobs and can do it much better than me. I no longer think that's a weakness; I think it's good business sense.

My business management instructor Jim Turley suggested all photographers should have a list of photographers, printers, photoshop gurus etc etc to refer or outsource too so you can spend the time doing the things you love to do. For me, that is shooting portraits and editing in Photoshop. I already outsource out my printing to Wolf Camera and my website design and maintenance to SmugMug. And I'm developing my list of photographers to refer clients too as well.


Mark said...

Lovely coverage (by both of you) on the reception.

It does seems that as you get busier you have to make a decision about what to focus on and refer out types of work to others (be it types of shoots, types of work, etc).

For me I just went with what is most personally rewording - family photography (be it kids, pets, weddings, etc) and while I still do fashion for one designer and some creative work with friends - let the rest of the fashion/glamour world go.

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks Mark! I was actually thinking that if I ever get tired of shooting weddings, you and a buddy named Susan would be the ones I would send clients out to as referrals. I love your style and I still hope I can work with you and carry your gear and stuff!

Doug Shatto said...

When I realize that I wouldn't be able to help Dolores out there was no question who to turn to. You're a great photographer and I knew that you'd capture the moment for them. I'm personally honored to have you as a friend and a colleague.

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thank you again Doug! Your rock my friend, and I will make sure to send some clients your way if anyone ever needs any work done in the Springs.

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